Bathroom at Concordia first day back at School - September 6, 2011

The toilet paper insiginia has been spotted by someone to look like a "whistle". It is hard to read in photop but it is wrtiien just below Joke Fail. I agree it does look like a whistle! Nice observation, But what reads in the the whole picture is... Joke Fail. I think - were I not to be so tuned to all things "fail" -  the real failure is in the critic's inability to communicate the need for the "joke fail" monniker.


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    Quoting Failure

    Meaning is prismatic. There have been countless moments when I have felt like  I have grasped it, only to be shown that with the shift of the light, or the melt of an iceberg, it all changes. Liquid days always. So this random compendium aims to filter the possibilities of failure and form "a" meaning -entirely subjective - but worth sharing.