Easy to write it but hard to say it.

This week it is us. 7 Billion of us.
Just becasue you can count something doesn't mean it counts (I think I saw this on twitter but you can find more ideas about it at this blog)
Well I think it is worth counting so we can act (or not) or something.ButLaura Jacobsen, a professor of mathematics education at Radford University...“If we could count each one of the 7 billion people at a rate of one person per second, without any breaks, it would take 222 years to complete the counting,” Jacobsen said. link to site

How old will you be when you are done counting?

We appear to have been really good at making ourselves and stomping everything else that gets in the way of that essential productivity. 

Propogation of the human species. Procreation. Pro. The Oldest Profession. The business of making ourselves.

Any thoughts about what to do? Us with nothing else. This is easy to write but hard to imagine. And yet. We had better so that we can act (or not) or something.

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