When asked about Mayor Rob Ford's decision not to appear during the 2011 Pride Parade in Toronto on July 3rd, longtime Liberal MP Caorlyn Bennet, was quoted on CBC radio saying: "we all have families" in response, I expect, to Rob Ford's claim that his is an unbroken tradition of spending every Canada Day weekend at the cottage with his family. She went on to say: "(he is) ...not demonstrating as mayor that gets it, in terms of inclusion."

On the Toronto Radio One Hourly news on July 4, 2011
I was in Cow Head, Newfoundland, Toronto, Ontario, and Kingston, Ontario.

This was enough to make me miss noting a failure of the week... that and a rework of the website (causing me to lose what I had already noted as the failure of the week.)  There is never just one cause.  Failure metastisizes.
Dr. Philip Baker was the former Dean of Medicine at The University of Alberta.

He is being accused of plagiarizing a convocation speech that he gave to the graduating class at the U of A from Dr. Aful Gawande of Stanford university. The original speech was given last year and is apparently available online. Dr. Baker apologized for a lapse in judgement and is on a 4 month leave of absence.

I read all this on Friday June 17, 2011. I have reordered the words and let you know where it comes from.

I think my job as CFI is secure.